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Raum and Rome: The Phonetics of the Word Raum. [1]

translated from the original german by: James L. KelleyIndependent scholar Volume 14, 2020 The word Raum (Space) is an instance of language that turns out to be Ur-language. It is an Ur-word and thus a part of the Ur-language.[2] Etymological elucidations of an Ur-word are based upon connections and references of uneven evidential value. The compelling and the...


Idiom, Transmission, and Dance in Geschlecht III

Michael PortalTexas a&m university Volume 14, 2019 In reading Geschlecht III, one cannot help but imagine Jacques Derrida speaking before a weary audience, an audience exhausted by the many hours already spent (and still left to be spent) discussing Martin Heidegger’s reading of Georg Trakl’s poetry.[1] As Derrida remarks, “I can imagine the impatience of some, not only...