Volume 4 (2013)

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‘On Jacques Rancière’ coordinated by Gareth Williams and ‘On Latinamericanism after 9/11’ coordinated by Samuel Steinberg (2013)

In What Time Do We Live?

Rancière, Jacques

El procedimiento-Rancière

Villalobos-Ruminott, Sergio

Nonrelation and Untimeliness in Jacques Rancière’s The Names of History

Whitener, Brian

Disenso en La Comunidad de Álex de la Iglesia

López Lerma, Mónica

Introduction: My Only Latin Americanism

Steinberg, Samuel

Prospero’s Book

Beasley-Murray, Jon

On Latinamericanism after 9/11

Campos Johnson, Adriana Michele

Critique of Critique

Dove, Patrick

Politics Against Ethics

Graff Zivin, Erin

Deconstruction and Latinamericanism, Reconsidered (A Propos John Beverley’s Latinamericanism after 9/11)

Jenckes, Kate

Nation, People and Politics in the Perspective of their Becoming

Legrás, Horacio

Representación y Cinismo después del 11 de septiembre

Rojas, Sergio

Bruno Bosteels, The Actuality of Communism, Verso, 2011, 304 pages

Clover, Joshua

Manifesting the Internet: A Review of Dmytri Kleiner’s The Telekommunist Manifesto

Zimmer, Zac