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On Reading Giacomo Marramao’s The Passage West. Coordinated by Manuela Marchesini, Texas A&M University (2015)

Giacomo Marramao’s Topological Folds: On Reading The Passage West

Teresa M. Vilarós

The Reenchantment of Literature. An Italian Case

Manuela Marchesini

Notes on Giacomo Marramao’s The Passage West. Could Europe Be But an Allegory for Something?

Alberto Moreiras

Cosmopolitanism and Latino Americanism: Re-reading Alfonso Reyes Today.

Pedro Ángel Palou

The Passage West, de Giacomo Marramao

Carlos Rodríguez

On the Backward Passage from Neo-Classic Utility Maximizers to Value-Based Social Coalitions

Stefano Franchi

Mapping the Glocal and Deciphering the Asymmetry of Economies of Code in Giacomo Marramao’s The Passage West.

Peter Baker

Taking History Seriously: A Comment on Marramao’s The Passage West

Hayden White

Filling the Theatrical Cavity: Who Are the Selves of Our Modernity?

Martin Jay

Lost in Translation?: A Reading of Giacomo Marramao’s The Passage West

Andy Lantz

“The Answer Is Blowing in the Wind”

Giacomo Marramao