Volume 14, 2020

Geschlecht III and the Problem of ‘National-Humanism’

Introduction: Geschlecht III and the Problem of ‘National-Humanism’

Rodrigo Therezo, Adam R. Rosenthal

The Promise of Pain: (Di)spiriting the Geist of Heidegger’s Trakl

Ian Alexander Moore

Count Heidegger

David Mullins

Heidegger’s Obliteration of Place: Reading “Language in the Poem”

Brian Irwin

“Another Topology for New Tasks” (Derrida, Of Spirit 132-33): Derrida on Heidegger on Trakl. Zusage.

Alberto Moreiras

Heidegger’s Philosophical Nationalism: Topology and Tropology

Maddalena Cerrato

Dirty Cosmopolitanism: Geschlecht III and the Enigma of the Black Box

Sergio Villalobos-Ruminott

Reading Derrida Reading Life (Reading Life) from La vie la mort to the Geschlecht Series

Armando Mastrogiovanni

Idiom, Transmission, and Dance in Geschlecht III

Michael Portal

Raum and Rome: The Phonetics of the Word Raum.

Carl Schmitt