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The Gift of Gender: Ivan Illich, Feminism, Infrapolitics

Gabriela MéndezUniversidad Iberoamericana Volume 15, 2024 Let us now begin with: how am I to listen to you? Irigaray, I Love to You 115 With the aim of exploring the relevance of Ivan Illich’s thinking for infrapolitical reflection, this article focuses on his book Gender (1982) and what it suggests about feminism today, at a...


Desire for Hegel: Judith Butler, Alexandre Kojève, and Subjective Spirit 

Laurence Paul HemmingLancaster University Volume 15, 2024 Introduction Judith Butler’s first book, published in 1987, Subjects of Desire: Hegelian Reflections in Twentieth Century France is not as widely read as her other works, but forms a philosophical foundation for her subsequent reflections on subjectivity and gender.  The book is a formidable survey of French readings...